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KSeF e-invoicing system launch has been delayed after the external audit. Here we review most important changes and new key dates.
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Maximize your SAP integration efficiency with the Code10 CI Accelerator®. It streamlines development, ensures cost-effective solutions, and adapts to your evolving business landscape, making it the go-to choice for enhancing your integration processes.
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Poland initially aimed to introduce mandatory e-invoicing on July 1, 2024. However, on January 19, Finance Minister Andrzej Domański declared that the National E-Invoicing System (KSeF) was not prepared for implementation due to critical errors. An external audit is planned before announcing a new launch date. How can your company be ready?
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Dive into the critical differences between AS2 and AS4 in our EDI Protocol Comparison. This guide helps you understand each protocol's unique features and advantages, enabling you to make an informed decision for your business's electronic data interchange needs.
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Effective regression testing in PI/PO to Integration Suite migration: Learn how to optimize your project with quality test cases and more.
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Code10 SAP TechTalks 2023 have been a success with a friendly atmosphere. The Code10 SAP TechTalks, […]
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The latest transformation in Spain's business landscape is the advent of B2B e-invoicing. This groundbreaking change is set to streamline transactions and improve compliance for companies across the board.