Code10 CI Accelerator R2403

Code10 CI Accelerator ® contains multiple supporting artifacts which can put you up to speed with SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration capability) integrations. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to accelerate their SAP Integration Suite projects. With its array of pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and toolkits, it simplifies development, improves reliability, enhances security, and enables scalability and flexibility. By leveraging Code10 CI Accelerator ®, organizations can reduce costs, ensure smooth migrations, and deliver robust, secure integrations that meet their evolving business needs.

Code10 CI Accelerator ® is designed to make your SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite migrations faster than ever before. We aimed to provide the best service with a wide range of features tailored to our clients’ needs, all delivered in record time, whether you are dealing with a greenfield or a brownfield scenario.

A new release is rolled out every six months, with many new features constantly being developed.

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About Code10 CI Accelerator

Integration Patterns

IFlows covering CODE10 integration patterns. Decoupling/Dispatching, Routing and Mapping templates for different cases.

Code10 CI Accelerator Integration Patterns SAP architecture

Alerting Tools

IFlows covering different alerting or ticketing options.

ITL Tools
Messaging Tools

Integration Tools

Different tools for certificate expiration check, value mapping replication or Groovy scripts with different examples (MPL store, Java Mapping execution etc.)

Integration artifacts backup: Downloads the integrarion artifacts (iflows, Value Mappings, etc…) and stores them in the repository of your choice.

Groovy Scripts Library: 30+ Groovy scripts covering common topics ready to be reused and useful UDF function examples.

Integrations with file servers and repositories: Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, Amazon Web Service and Github.

Monitor Certificate Expiration: Alerts you to certificates nearing expiration through any alerting feature in our package.


Quick Adoption: Code10 CI Accelerator ® ensures fast SAP Integration Suite adoption. It provides pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and toolkits. Thanks to an easily switchable entry interface, users can speed up integration development. This eliminates the need for time-consuming custom integrations.

Faster MigrationCode10 CI Accelerator ® provides tools like generic Sender and Receiver IDOC Dispatchers, SFTP Dispatchers, and Message Routers. These features enable quicker migrations. Retry mechanisms and payload storage functionalities ensure migrations run smoothly, minimizing errors and downtime. Additionally, our integration patterns and mapping templates help speed up the migration process, reducing both time and effort.

Simplified developmentCode10 CI Accelerator ® streamlines development for you. Offers pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and a comprehensive toolkit. Developers then focus more on specific integration requirements. This avoids the need to build common functionalities from scratch.

Reduced CostCode10 CI Accelerator ® cuts down on SAP Integration Suite project expenses. It lessens the time needed for custom integrations and solving issues. Thanks to pre-built patterns, toolkits, and alerting tools, organizations see cost savings. They spend less time developing, migrate faster, and use resources more efficiently.

Improved Reliability: The Code10 CI Accelerator ® boosts your system’s reliability with best-practice templates and proven integration patterns. These foundations decrease issues during deployment and operation. Alerting tools and monitoring ensure proactive problem identification and resolution, stabilizing your integration environment.

Scalability / FlexibilityCode10 CI Accelerator ® ensures your SAP Integration Suite grows with your business. It’s designed for scalability and flexibility, meeting evolving business needs. The accelerator’s modular design allows easy addition of new features without disrupting existing workflows. Furthermore, you can quickly adjust provided patterns and templates to meet changing requirements, simplifying the expansion of your integration capabilities.

What´s new in 2403 release?

New functionalities

SAP BTP DMS, alert with teams, artifact backup, integration with message brokers, local iflow copy

Three pilars

Add more features in our three pilars: the Integration Patterns, Alerting Tools and Integration Tools.

Consolidating existing funcionalities

Integration patterns, alerting and tools validated in real implementation projects

Improvements based on experience

After have used the existing funcionalities with our clients. We made improvements helpful in a day to day use.

CODE10 CI Accelerator APPs

Custom APP

We have developed our custom Monitoring Application and Integration Dashboard.
Check some of the most recent features
  • IDOC to FlatFile: An iFlow able to convert IDOC files into Flat files.
  • Integration with message brokers: Event Mesh, Azure Event Hubs, Apache Kafka…
  • CI Inventory: Generate an Excel file that contains an inventory of all the Integration Flows and their details.
  • New alerting system: Now, processes can save errors and all associated information for future processing. This guarantees that alerts forwarded to other systems carry complete details about the errors.
  • Integration Dashboard: Cockpit where you can see the different interface packages, both under development and deployed. It enables you to review the artifacts in each package from the same screen, facilitating their deployment and control. You can view information directly on the screen through a convenient popup.
  • Message Monitor: It brings together the different message flows following the Code10 architecture. It allows the renaming of these flows to make it easier to identify them and their final state.
  • SAP BTP DMS: An integration with the SAP Document Management Service (SAP DMS) that allows files to be stored on it, using it as a repository. In addition, files can be downloaded by searching by name.
  • Get Log Files: An iFlow that is able to get the log files from a period of dates and send the files through Mail. 
  • Artifact backup: Allows a backup of all the artefacts that are in the system, saving the versions of these in different folders.

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Customer Influence & Support on demand

The Code10 CI Accelerator offers a subscription model. With it, you’ll get every new update released bi-annually. You also gain the ability to influence which tools we include in the next release. Plus, you’ll have access to on-demand support from our experts.

Learn more about our product

Thank you for your interest in Code10 CI Accelerator ®. If you would like to learn more about our product and how it can benefit your daily business operations, please provide us with your contact details below. We will send you further information and answer any questions you may have.