Code10 CI Accelerator ® – Outlook on Release R2309 

Code10 CI Accelerator ® release R2309 will contain extensions, enhancements and improvements to core artifacts of Integration Patters, Alerting Tools and Toolkit found in release R2303.

Information provided below presents the planning of Code10 CI Accelerator ® evolution and might be change by Code10 without a prior notice.

Code10 INTEGRATION Patterns

IFlows covering Code10 integration patterns and templets for message decoupling, sender and receiver dispatchers, routers, and mapping templates with naming standards:

Receiver Generic Dispatcher – Example IFlow that receives a message and sends it to the corresponding receiver system.

Message Router based on Value Mapping – IFlow with a generic routing based on Value Mapping entries.

Code10 Alerting Tools

IFlows that covers different alerting and ticketing options for the most common application including: JIRA, SNOW, Zendesk, Sysaid, etc.:

Slack ticket creation – IFlow that creates a ticket in Slack with the information of the alert.

MS Teams ticket creation – IFlow that notifies about alert using MS Teams chat

Code10 Toolkit

Different tools for certificate expiration check, value mapping replication or Groovy scripts library with multiple different functions ready to be used:

IFlow backup functionality – tool to automatically backup IFlows.

Integration with GITHUB – Allows to replicate Value mappings from external systems.

Integration with Document Management System (DMS)  – Allows to integrate with SharePoint, Docuware etc. systems

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