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In today’s digital era, electronic invoicing has become a cornerstone of business efficiency and regulatory compliance. Hungary, a forerunner in implementing e-invoicing systems, mandates businesses to swiftly adapt to an ever-evolving fiscal landscape. At Code10, we’re at the forefront of providing expert solutions that not only facilitate a seamless transition to e-invoicing but also ensure your business aligns with all local regulations.

Understanding Hungary’s E-Invoicing System:

Hungary has taken a proactive approach to e-invoicing, introducing the NAV system which mandates that invoices containing VAT be reported in real-time. Since July 2018, this mandate has expanded to encompass all invoices issued in relation to transactions subject to VAT, removing previous thresholds and underscoring the need for precise and efficient systems. The digitalization of invoicing not only enhances transparency and curbs tax evasion but also promotes a more digitalized and efficient economy.

How Code10 Enhances Your E-Invoicing:

At Code10, we understand that each business is unique. That’s why we offer tailored consultations to assist you in deciding the best approach to adopt these legal changes. Our experience isn’t confined to a single country; we’ve implemented e-invoicing solutions in several countries, including Hungary (RTIR), giving us deep insight into local specificities.

Our solutions range from standard options using SAP DRC or SAP IS/SAP DRC cloud edition, to hybrid and custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Our hybrid solution, for instance, employs SAP DRC but with the added flexibility provided by SAP Integration Suite (CI) or SAP PO, ensuring that any modification in tax information is updated by SAP with minimal implementation effort.

Requirements for Companies and Code10 Solution Approach:

Companies are required to have an electronic system in place for conducting the SAF-T-PT accounting declaration process to the AT. Code10 offers a solution specifically designed to assist companies in complying with these regulations in Portugal. Our experience and solutions are prepared to guide and support all companies operating in Portugal in meeting these requirements.

We are convinced that the value we provide with our solution is not only based on compliance with existing regulations but on offering a service that adds convenience and peace of mind to our customers. This approach ensures that you’re not just investing in a solution for today but forging a partnership for the future.

E-invoicing in Hungary doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Code10, you gain a partner who understands the demands of the NAV system and local regulations and is committed to delivering a solution that’s robust, adaptable, and efficient. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business confidently navigate the realm of electronic invoicing.

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