Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with eFactura Romania

Adapting to eFactura Romania’s eCompliance Requirements: A Comprehensive Overview

Starting January 1, 2024, Romania is ushering in a new era of tax compliance by mandating e-invoicing across the board. This pivotal initiative, ratified by a law signed by President Klaus Iohannis, is set to redefine VAT management by requiring electronic invoices for all business transactions. This strategic move not only aims to streamline VAT processes but also underscores Romania’s commitment to fiscal digitalization and efficiency. By transitioning to mandatory e-invoicing, the government intends to bridge gaps in tax compliance, simultaneously enabling more streamlined and transparent tax management for businesses of all sizes through eFactura Romania system. This shift marks a significant leap towards modernizing business and tax practices, paving the way for a more digitally integrated economy.

e-invoicing SAP Integration with efactura Romania

From 2024, e-compliance will be a mandatory requirement for all VAT-registered businesses in Romania, affecting both local and foreign companies engaged in B2B and B2G transactions. The introduction of the Romanian e-compliance system is a critical step towards optimizing workflow efficiency and enhancing fiscal transparency. This initiative aims to standardize electronic invoicing, ensuring all market participants adhere to uniform compliance standards and contribute to a more efficient, transparent, and digitally forward business environment.

exchange of customer and supplier invoices

Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with RO e-Factura ® is a solution that facilitates exchange of customer and supplier invoices from SAP systems (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA) in XML structure FA to The National Romanian e-Compliance platform (RO e-Factura).

leverages global and standard solution

Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with RO e-Factura ® service leverages global and standard solution to manage electronic business documents, real time and statutory reporting worldwide i.e. SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (SAP DRC).

always stay up to date

The advantages of using standard SAP Document and Reporting Compliance by Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with RO e-Factura ® include central monitoring, always stay up to date with evolving document formats, the latest legal changes and only one solution across the entire enterprise. 

utilise SAP Business Technology Platform

Yet another advantage of Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with RO e-Factura ® is to utilise SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) Integration (SAP Integration Suite) which is a leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS).

Code10’s SAP E-Compliance Solution

In response, Code10 has crafted a tailored SAP integration solution for eCompliance in Romania. Our approach simplifies the adaptation to the RO eCompliance platform, ensuring businesses meet Romania’s eCompliance standards efficiently.

There are two acceptable formats that are:

  • RO_CIUS: National format, based on the European standard EN 16931-1 and mandatory for all businesses subject to e-invoicing obligations in Romania.
  • UBL 2.1: Globally recognized format based on the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice (CII) standard. Businesses can voluntary use UBL instead of RO_CIUS, but they must comply with specific national extensions within the UBL format (RO_CIUS extensions).

Our solution automates the eCompliance process, conforming to the standard and ensuring all invoices undergo the necessary validations. With Code10, companies can confidently navigate the new eCompliance landscape, avoiding penalties and streamlining their financial workflows.


The advantages of Code10 eCompliance- SAP Integration with RO e-Factura ® are:


Flawless integration with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance


Use of standard SAP Document and Reporting Compliance transaction e.g., EDOC_COCKPIT


Rapid deployment and easy configuration


Seamless adjustment and updates to new XML formats and communication with RO e-Compliance platform based on subscription model license


Security managed by SAP Business Technology Platform (all transmissions are encrypted using HTTPS and TLS to ensure that sensitive information is protected during communication between systems)


English and Romanian speaking support and implementation team

Future-Proof Your Business with Code10

Code10’s eCompliance Romania SAP integration equips businesses for success in a digitally transforming tax environment. By leveraging our solution, companies can ensure compliance, optimize operations, and prepare for future tax digitalization initiatives.

As Romania advances in its digital tax journey, Code10 is your partner in embracing these changes. Our technology and expertise in e-compliance projects make transitioning to eCompliance straightforward, ensuring your business remains compliant, efficient, and ready for the digital future.

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