Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBAI ®

About CODE10 eCompliance with TicketBAI

Streamlining Invoice Verification for Effortless Compliance

Code10’s TicketBAI solution is a cutting-edge platform designed to simplify and automate the complex process of invoice verification. Tailored for businesses operating in Spain’s Basque Country, TicketBAI offers an intuitive and efficient way to ensure compliance with regional regulations. By seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, this solution streamlines the verification of supplier invoices, reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and ultimately saves you time and resources. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to a more efficient and compliant invoice management process with Code10’s TicketBAI.

REgistered software

Code10 eCompliance- SAP Integration with TicketBAI ® is a registered software ( software Garante ) that meet the TicketBai and Batuz legal requirements from SAP systems (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA) to The Basque Tax Agencies.

Moreover, our solution for eCompliance in Vasque Country can be also found in SAP Store .

leverages global and standard solution

As other solutions for e-invoicing and tax reporting solutions we have developed, Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBAI ® is based in SAP eDocument service. Leveraged global and standard solution to manage electronic business documents, together with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance ( SAP DRC ).

always stay up to date

The advantages of using standard SAP Document and Reporting Compliance by Code10 eCompliance- SAP Integration with TicketBAI ® include central monitoring, always stay up to date with evolving document formats, the latest legal changes and only one solution across the entire enterprise. 

multiple integration options

Yet another advantage of Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBAI ® is allowing different middleware platforms for signature and document posting. It’s compatible with SAP Cloud Integration, SAP PI/PO and Dell Boomi

Solution Overview

Customer electronic invoices, generated from SD billing and FI posting, together with vendor invoices, end up as eDocuments in SAP DRC eDocument framework. The eDocument cockpit tool serves as a single access point for all electronic documents in the enterprise.

Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBAI ®  is easily configurable pre-packaged content which is deployed both on your SAP ECC or S/4HANA for document generation and on SAP Cloud Integration or SAP PO for XML signature and communication with the authorities.


Regulation of TicketBAI- background

TicketBai is a common project of the three Regional Tax Agencies and the Basque Government where all natural and legal persons who carry out economic activity will be obliged to use an invoicing software that complies with the requirements published by the authorities.

The TicketBAI system affects all natural and legal persons and entities without legal personality that carry out economic activities and that are subject to the regulatory competence of the Basque Foral Treasuries in personal income tax or corporate tax.

In Bizkaia, additionally to the TicketBai generation it is mandatory to report the LROE, together known as Batuz. Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBai ® includes the notification of LROE for customer and vendor invoices.

The system will be implemented gradually in the three territories.


1 January 2022: Start of the voluntary period
1 April 2022: Consultancies (individuals and legal entities) that are collaborators of the Provincial Council of Álava
1 July 2022: Pharmacies and Professionals (included in Section 2 in IAE tariffs)
1 December 2022: Remaining entities.


1July 2022: Tax Management
1 September 2022: Professional activities
1 November 2022: Retail trade: hotel and lodging
1 April 2023: Construction and real estate development, transport and recreational, cultural and personal services.
1 June 2023: Manufacturing, wholesale trade, telecommunications and financial and artistic.


1 January 2024: start of mandatory period


The advantages of Code10 eCompliance – SAP Integration with TicketBAI ® are:


Flawless integration with SAP eDocument


Use of standard SAP Document and Reporting Compliance transactions e.g., EDOC_COCKPIT


Rapid deployment and easy configuration


Seamless adjustment and updates to new XML formats and communication with authorities


Security managed by the middelwares (all transmissions are encrypted using HTTPS and TLS to ensure that sensitive information is protected during communication between systems)


Local implementation team

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