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Key Approaches for Effective Validation in PI/PO to Integration Suite Migration – Regression testing

When undertaking a PI/PO migration project to Integration Suite, it’s crucial to properly validate all the interfaces before going live. However, the time and budget allocated in projects for these tasks are often not sufficient. Nevertheless, we can always find fast and cost-effective methods to conduct thorough regression testing.

Initially, a usual regression test example would be to get your production IDOCs and send them to your Integration Suite test tenant. Specifically, in this blog post, we want to focus on IDOC regression testing using POSTMAN.

The first step would be to obtain a good data set. In this process, it’s more crucial to focus on the quality of test cases rather than their quantity. A high-quality set of examples should cover all different business cases. Equally important is securing support from the functional team to achieve this.

Second step would be to prepare the testing environment, in this case, we want to set up Postman to do the testing but, how do we do that? Let’s see the steps below: 

1. Sender IDOC adapter in SAP Cloud Integration is SOAP based as seen in the configuration in SAP backend.

It means that body of the request in POSTMAN should be a SOAP Envelope containing the IDOC as SOAPBody.

2. As stated in SAP’s documentation for Sender IDOC adapter, the adapter sets some custom header that should be used in POSTMAN configuration 

  • SapIDocType 
  • SapIDocTransferId 
  • SapIDocDbId 
  • SapIDocSoapNamespace 

3. The endpoint from SAP CPI can be obtained from the deployed iflow in CPI under Monitoring > Overview > Manage Integration Content 

4. With all this information we can set up Postman as shown below:

Once you’ve set up the environment, then you can begin your regression testing. Utilize the test data from your functional team and directly compare the results with those in production.

Tedious, isn’t it? Now, imagine if you could automate this process to improve the Migration to Integration Suite – Regression Testing experience. Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming updates on this exciting possibility!

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