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Code10 CI Accelerator ®contains multiple supporting artifacts which can put you up to speed with SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration capability) integrations. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to accelerate their SAP Integration Suite projects. The accelerator features ready-to-use integration patterns, alerting mechanisms, and toolkits. These elements simplify development, enhance reliability, and improve security. Additionally, they support scalability and flexibility. By using the Code10 CI Accelerator®, organizations can reduce costs. They also ensure smooth migrations and create robust, secure integrations. These meet evolving business needs effectively.

The Code10 CI Accelerator receives biannual updates, incorporating new functionalities crafted by our experts to meet customer needs and facilitate a smoother cloud transition. Customers with the latest release and an active subscription for updates and on-demand customer service can also influence future developments.

How can Code10 CI Accelerator speed up my SAP Integration Suite projects?

Code10 CI Accelerator is based on 3 pilars: Integration Patterns, Alerting Tools and Integration Tools.

Integration Patterns provide seamless architecture through all your integrations. Using Integration Patterns and preconfigured components will convert your developments in something as easy as build with Lego. The best part of this patterns is that they not only solve problems, they also act as best practice guidelines for Cloud Integration developments, all the interfaces should follow common development patterns.

Alerting tools are essential. In every integration system, errors occur, and the most effective notification method is by integrationg your day to day ticketing tool with Integration Suite.

Many organizations still prefer email alerts, and we’ve crafted a effective solution to meet this need. However, our system integrates with popular ITIL tools such as JIRA, ServiceNow, and messaging platforms like Slack and MS Teams.

Integration tools constitute a significant portion of features that enhance value, save time, and improve the experience with Integration Suite. Our Toolkit includes over 30 Groovy scripts and various tools designed to simplify developers’ work and provide functionalities that SAP Cloud Integration lacks by default.

What is new in the 2403 release?

First, we have consolidated existing functionalities based on improvements from our day to day work. But we have also developed new features, we integrate with more alerting tools and we focused on the user experience to make Code10 CI Accelerator® even better.

The Code10 CI Accelerator now features a custom Integration Dashboard, enabling users to view all packages and artifacts, as well as manage and deploy them directly.

Code10 CI Accelerator Integration Dashboard.

Additionally, our message monitor organizes message flows in accordance with the Code10 CI Accelerator architecture. This feature permits custom naming of flows, simplifying identification and tracking of each flow’s status.

In addition, we have developed message brokers that can be integrated with Event Mesh, Azure Events Hubs or Apache Kafka….

What is already included?

The current version of the Code10 CI Accelerator features the most advanced and refined integration patterns available. These patterns have undergone extensive testing across a variety of projects and clients, ensuring their reliability. Easy to implement from the customer’s perspective, they are designed to save time and reduce costs, all while being scalable to fit growing business needs.

The Code10 CI Accelerator offers alerting tools compatible with widely used ITIL and messaging platforms such as Jira, ServiceNow, SysAid, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and WhatsApp Business. This integration ensures your business can quickly address issues, maintaining smooth and efficient operations.

The toolkit collection, including over 30 Groovi Scripts, enhances the SAP Cloud Integration by filling in the gaps with functionalities it lacks, simplifying your operations.

Benefits of choosing Code10 CI Accelerator

Accelerate and enhance your migration efficiency with our integration patterns that are ready for immediate use. These patterns help reduce errors and cut down on downtime. This approach avoids lift-and-shift practices and provides solid guidelines based on best practices for Cloud Integration developments.

The Code10 CI Accelerator® ensures scalability and flexibility, enabling organizations to adapt and broaden their SAP Integration Suite to meet changing business demands. Its modular design facilitates the seamless incorporation of new features and capabilities without disrupting ongoing operations. Moreover, you can easily customize the available patterns and templates to suit changing requirements, simplifying the expansion of integration capabilities as needed.

Customer influence and support on demand

The Code10 CI Accelerator operates on a subscription model, providing bi-annual updates, allowing customer input on desired tools for future releases, and offering on-demand expert support.

If you want to know more or request a demo of the Code10 CI Accelerator please click here. You can also fill the form below. Thank you very much.

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