Code10 CI Accelerator ®

Code10 CI Accelerator ® contain multiple supporting artifacts which can put you up to speed with SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration capability) integrations. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to accelerate their SAP Integration Suite projects. With its array of pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and toolkits, it simplifies development, improves reliability, enhances security, and enables scalability and flexibility. By leveraging Code10 CI Accelerator ®, organizations can reduce costs, ensure smooth migrations, and deliver robust, secure integrations that meet their evolving business needs.

About CODE10 CI Accelerator

Enjoy the best features for your migration in record time.

Code10 CI Accelerator is designed to make your SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite migrations faster than ever before. We aimed to provide the best service with a wide range of features tailored to our clients’ needs, all delivered in record time, whether you are dealing with a greenfield or a brownfield scenario.

A new release is rolled out every six months, with many new features constantly being developed.

Code10 Integration Patterns

IFlows covering CODE10 integration patterns. Decoupling/Dispatching, Routing and Mapping templates for different cases.

  • Speed up your developments. Using integration patterns and preconfigured components will convert your developments into Lego bricks. This will increase the speed and quality of the build.
  • Homogenization and standardization of developments. This patterns not only solve problems, also act as best practice guidelines for Cloud Integration developments, all the interfaces should follow common development patterns.
  • Customer quick adoption. We see that the developers that start to use Code10 CI Accelerator Patterns they continue using them after the initial implementation, and even they have participation in the customer influence program.
  • Building blocks. The building blocks approach of Code10 CI Accelerator allows to adapt to the changes super-fast, if you must change something don’t do it in multiple places, have it organized

Code10 Alerting Tools

IFlows covering different alerting or ticketing options.

  • Error alerts it’s a must. Unfortunately, in all the integration systems there are errors, and the support centre need to identify them as fast as possible.
  • No more the spam email. After all this years, all the people develop the ability of ignoring automatic emails. It’s the time to change this and give visibility if an error happens. Our proposal its ITIL tools + messaging tools.
  • If you want an email, have a good one. There are still organizations that prefer email alerts, so if you want an email, we build a nice one. SMTP and Microsoft API Graph. This solution can be also combined with the ITIL Tools and messaging Tools.
  • Building blocks. The building blocks approach of Code10 CI Accelerator to configure the alerts in one place for all the interfaces.
ITL Tools
Messaging Tools

Code10 Integration tools

Different tools for certificate expiration check, value mapping replication or Groovy scripts with different examples (MPL store, Java Mapping execution etc.)

  • Save development and testing time. Our Toolkit has more than 30 Groovy scripts and multiple tools to make the developers live easier and to complete all the functionalities that SAP Cloud Integration does not have.
  • It’s a compendium of useful things. After more than 30+ Cloud Integration projects we collect enough knowledge to know that you will use this things, maybe not all, but most… And they will save you lot of time.
  • Enhance your Cloud Integration. Monitor for Certificate expiration, reporting monitors, Interface repositories (Sharepoint, AWS and GitHub), Value Mapping management…
    Are you going to develop this by yourself?
  • Building blocks. The building blocks principle of Code10 CI Accelerator makes a perfect fit with all this integration tools, it’s the easier way to take all the advantage of the power of SAP Cloud Integration.


The advantages of Code10 CI Accelerator ® are:


Code10 CI Accelerator ® facilitates quick adoption of SAP Integration Suite by providing pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and toolkits. With an easily switchable entry interface, it enables users to accelerate integration development, without having to spend time on custom integrations.


Code10 CI Accelerator ® enables faster migration by providing generic Sender and Receiver IDOC Dispatchers, SFTP Dispatchers, and Message Routers. With retry mechanisms and payload storage functionalities, it ensures smooth migration, reducing errors and downtime. The integration patterns and mapping templates provided can also accelerate the migration process, reducing time and effort.


Code10 CI Accelerator ® simplifies development by providing pre-built integration patterns, alerting tools, and a toolkit with various functionalities, allowing developers to focus on the specific integration requirements rather than spending time on building common functionalities from scratch


Code10 CI Accelerator ® reduces overall costs associated with SAP Integration Suite projects by minimizing the time spent on developing custom integrations and troubleshooting issues. With the help of pre-built patterns, toolkits, and alerting tools, organizations can achieve significant cost savings in terms of reduced development time, faster migration, and optimized resource utilization.


Code10 CI Accelerator ® enhances the reliability of your SAP Integration Suite implementations by providing best-practice templates and integration patterns. These proven patterns ensure that your integrations are built on a solid foundation, reducing the likelihood of encountering issues during deployment and operation. Furthermore, the provided alerting tools and monitoring capabilities allow for proactive identification and resolution of potential problems, ensuring the stability of your integration environment.


Code10 CI Accelerator ® is built to be scalable and flexible, allowing organizations to adapt and grow their SAP Integration Suite implementations as business needs evolve. The modular design of the accelerator enables seamless integration of new features and capabilities without disrupting existing processes. Moreover, the provided patterns and templates can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing requirements, making it simple for organizations to expand their integration capabilities as needed.


The Code10 CI Accelerator® comes with bi-annual releases.

Each update includes previous features, as well as new functionalities and bug fixes, ensuring that the tool remains up-to-date.

All features of current release of Code10 CI Accelerator can be found: 

Code10 CI Accelerator Releases

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